Stump Grinding and Treatment

We Safely and Efficiently Remove Unsightly Stumps

Stump grinding can be an effective way of removing stumps from the ground and can prevent unwanted regrowth.

  • Remove Unwanted Obstructions
  • Helps Control the Spread of Tree Diseases

  • Prevents Basal Regrowth of Some Species
  • Little or No Arisings to Remove

  • Enables Replanting
  • No Green Waste Tax Incurred

Professional Services Include:
Stump Grinding and Treatment
Stump Grinding

Stump grinding includes removing the main bole of the trunk to 300mm below ground level. We provide a full reinstatement service and replanting.

Stump Grinding and Treatment
Root Removal

Our 50hp rubber tracked machine will grind your stumps quickly and cost effectively with minimal disturbance.

Eco Plugs

As an alternative to stump grinding and to prevent regrowth, the safest way to treat stumps chemically is to use eco plugs.

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